What are some good uses for a Photobooth?

So, you’ve got an event coming up and you’re feeling like it’s missing something…

Photo booths are a great way to enhance any event and they’re not just for weddings anymore.  Whether you’re hosting a corporate holiday party, a school mixer, tailgate, or a small gathering that you want your guests to remember, a photo booth is a standout way of creating memories and giving your guests an unexpectedly great time!


Imagine the last Holiday party that you went to for your company…. It was probably a nice dinner, or social event, where you got to catch up with your colleagues and their families in a relaxed atmosphere, but at some point, the conversation died down or you’re thinking about all the to do’s you have left at the office or back at home.  What if there had been a Photo Booth that you could have captured that memory with your significant other in a fun way AND had a great time breaking the ice with your colleague’s partner as well?

What about a 360º booth to capture the fun in a totally unique way?

Our photo booths are designed to leave you and your guests with a digital remembrance of the evening before you’ve even left the party.


Not just for weddings, but just about any event!  Our tailgate packages are meant for those pre game moments, even if you don’t have a generator.  What better way to celebrate the oncoming victory on the field with a bit of pregame fun?  Plus, no need to worry about litter and losing your print.  Our booths have the option to digitally deliver photos to you and your guests without the need for remembering where you put your pictures. They’re already sent to your phone or email for safekeeping and easily shareable to any social media platform.


Whether it’s a spring Mixer, grab a date, or some other scheduled function, elevate your party with a little pizzaz and share your event’s photos on your chapter’s social channels.  Our Mirror Booth is a machine built both for party and class.


Photo booths are great for anniversary parties because it gives your guests the freedom to enjoy celebrating you and how long you’ve been together as well as create a fun atmosphere.


What birthday party couldn’t be taken to the next level with a Photobooth?  It’s really great for any age range from young kids to adults, and we have signs that you can share for just about any occasion.


Want a fun way to elevate a client event you’re hosting AND capture leads in the process?  With our social booth, we have the ability to capture phone numbers and emails that you can contact your clients and their friends to thank them for attending your event.  PLUS, it gives you an opportunity to share your business with new customers in a fun way.


Photo booths are great to remember the people you worked closely with for so many years and have memories to pour over after you’ve retired.


Using a photobooth for fundraising and non profits is a great way to grow your foundation’s money raising efforts.  Asking for a $5-$10 donation for use of the photobooth is a great way to do that.  We also are open to profit sharing ideas to help your foundation grow as well.


Same as above


Want to see who the real class clowns are?  Hire a photobooth for your class reunion and watch everyone take turns making memories with old school friends.


Family reunions don’t have to be just about a pot luck and a group photo.  Set a photobooth up at your next family reunion and watch the fun elevate your gathering.

About the author : Smash Selfie Booth

Smash Selfie Booth is a College Station based Photo Booth company, locally owned and run by a couple of Aggies class of '02

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